12cR1 RAC Posts — 8g : Switchover from RAC Primary to SingleInstance Standby

Continuing this series of posts where I have a SingleInstance/FileSystem Standby database for a RAC/ASM database … Checking the status of the configuration : DGMGRL> show configuration;Configuration - rac Protection Mode: MaxPerformance Members: rac - Primary database stby - Physical standby databaseFast-Start Failover: DISABLEDConfiguration Status:SUCCESS (status updated 28 seconds ago)DGMGRL>SQL> select thread#, max(sequence#) 2 from v$archived_log 3 group by thread# 4 order by 1 5 / THREAD# MAX(SEQUENCE#)---------- -------------- 1 66 2 36SQL> alter system archive log current;System altered.RFS[2]: Selected log 8 for thread 2 sequence 38 dbid 2519807290 branch 931825279Mon Apr 10 23:03:17 2017Archived Log entry 39 added for thread 2 sequence 37 ID 0x96312536 dest 1:Mon Apr 10 23:03:18 2017Media Recovery Waiting for thread 2 sequence 38 (in transit)Mon Apr 10 23:03:18 2017Recovery of Online Redo Log: Thread 2 Group 8 Seq 38 Reading mem 0 Mem# 0: /u01/app/oracle/oradata/STBY/onlinelog/group_8.300.937936389 Mem# 1: /u01/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/STBY/onlinelog/group_8.306.937936389RFS[1]: Selected log 6 for thread 1

12cR1 RAC Posts — 8e : Redo Shipping and Apply (RAC to nonRAC)

Continuing the series of posts on the RAC/ASM to SingleInstance/FileSystem DataGuard configuration … With both instances RAC1 and RAC2 running, I have redo shipping from both instances to the single instance STBY.(In my test server with 3 VMs, it takes a number of minutes to have all 3 instances running and communicating with each other … so there are spurious ORA and TNS errors until the 3 instances have stabilized.