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Monitor server utilization

Checking the server utilization is one of the important task of an administrator, and a good administrator is one who knows how to automate his day to day task. Below is the script that will give many such information about your server. Check it yourself.

echo "uptime:"
echo "Currently connected:"
echo "--------------------"
echo "Last logins:"
last -a |head -3
echo "--------------------"
echo "Disk and memory usage:"
df -h | xargs | awk '{print "Free/total disk: " $11 " / " $9}'
free -m | xargs | awk '{print "Free/total memory: " $17 " / " $8 " MB"}'
echo "--------------------"
start_log=`head -1 /var/log/messages |cut -c 1-12`
oom=`grep -ci kill /var/log/messages`
echo -n "OOM errors since $start_log :" $oom
echo ""
echo "--------------------"
echo "Utilization and most expensive processes:"
top -b |head -3
top -b |head -10 |tail -4
echo "--------------------"
echo "Open TCP ports:"
nmap -p- -T4
echo "--------------------"
echo "Current connections:"
ss -s
echo "--------------------"
echo "processes:"
ps auxf --width=200
echo "--------------------"
echo "vmstat:"
vmstat 1 5