Parallel Execution — 3b Limiting PX Servers with Resource Manager

As demonstrated earlier, in the absence of CALIBRATE_IO, the “automatic” degree computed by a PARALLEL Hint is CPU_COUNT x PARALLEL_THREADS_PER_CPU HEMANT>select degree from user_tables where table_name = 'LARGE_TABLE';DEGREE---------------------------------------- 4HEMANT>select /*+ PARALLEL */ count(*) from Large_Table; COUNT(*)---------- 4802944HEMANT>select executions, px_servers_executions, sql_fulltext 2 from v$sqlstats 3 where sql_id = '8b0ybuspqu0mm';EXECUTIONS PX_SERVERS_EXECUTIONS SQL_FULLTEXT---------- --------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 16 select /*+ PARALLEL */ count(*) from Large_TableHEMANT> Now, I shall explore using the Resource Manager to place a limit.